Condo Association Budget Planning? Don’t Forget to Add Security.

It’s budget season for condominium associations and that means it is time to evaluate and plan for special assessments, which can vary from property improvements to security upgrades. Careful financial planning for the upcoming year is one of the most important requirements of an association’s board and its property manager and/or management company. If you haven’t started planning for 2020, or haven’t yet finished, now is the time. But what item shouldn’t be left off the list? Let’s start (or finish!) by making safety a main priority.

As an owner, board member or property manager of a condo, it’s important for you to include a reliable security/surveillance system as a line item in this year’s budget. With homes in close proximity to one another, and a number of occupants, residents, visitors, and vendors in the vicinity, you have the possibility for higher crime and vandalism.

Are security cameras a worthwhile investment this year? Here’s why we think so:

Deterrence – Even if your building has a gate or a guard, the protection is limited. Cameras provide an extra defense against burglary, vandalism, theft, and more. A security camera system provides an easy and effective way to prevent theft and crime with evidence.

Evidence – P&O’s new innovative products use upgraded technology systems that can save videos for up to one year and can be viewed from a smartphone or almost any device. The cameras also might help law enforcement catch criminals or detect abnormal behaviors, suspicion and repeat crime. Videos don’t lie!

Remote 24-Hour Surveillance – Our cameras have the capability of having constant awareness of what’s taking place around your property. No matter where you are, a surveillance system provides the ability to monitor your property remotely to stay aware of what’s taking place at all time, day or night.

Monitoring Vendors/Employees – A security camera system is a good way to determine employee errors, accidents on site, incompetence,  or even damage from a vendor. Did the garbage removal service damage your gate when removing trash? If cameras are installed at strategic parts of the building area, it’s easy to track these issues. Property owners have an obligation to protect their personnel and assets, so it’s important to install professional-grade security monitoring systems for on-premise security and safety.

Peace of Mind – Never underestimate the value of peace of mind when it comes to safety. It’s comforting to know that there is a system in place that can discourage criminals, provide protection, and keep you aware of what activity is taking place in and around your condo building. Cameras also give extra reassurance to the homeowners and make them feel protected.

Having a secure building with 24-hour surveillance will not only help you stand out from other buildings, but will also act as a good prevention tool against vandalism and more. At P&O Global Technologies, we are always researching the newest, innovative technologies to keep your property safe. We have more than 20 years of experience in security camera sales and installation, and we can help you select the right system for your building and install them in the best places throughout your condo building. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help secure your building this year. We can be reached by calling 954-616-0600 or emailing

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