Is Your Security System Ready for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is upon us. If you live in areas at risk, hurricane season is June 1 through November 30 and it’s important to be prepared for one. While you can’t stop a tropical storm or hurricane from happening, you can prepare your property and your families for when a storm arrives.

Lightning, wind, and rain have the potential to damage property as well as your security. At P&O Global Technologies, we’ve gathered our top four things to consider for your security camera system when you prepare for a storm and additional steps to factor into your emergency response plan.

Watching for Water Runoff

Security cameras can become damaged when water flows straight into them from a gutter or siding. These can sometimes direct the flow of water and can cause damage. Careful attention to these runoff areas, during and after rain, is ideal to ensure nothing can be damaged.

Proofing Options for Weather

It’s important to do some research about outdoor electronics and source those with an Ingress Protection rating of IP65 or higher. A properly rated electronic, as found within a security system, will be resistant to “jet streams of water,” like from a hose or sprinkler. This can also mean heavy rain, high winds and any damage from exposure to high humidity. Upon initial installation, P&O Global Technologies provides the proper sealant and weatherproofing techniques. Over time, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance to keep the coating from cracking or tearing.

Preparing the Exterior Landscaping 

When preparing your lawn and exterior for a hurricane, it’s imperative to safely remove damaged limbs or trees. During a powerful storm, trees and tree branches can become a serious threat to security cameras. It’s best to properly trim healthy trees and dispose of any damaged or dead limbs that may interfere with equipment or possibly break them. Trees and tree branches are a viable threat to your CCTV system during a powerful storm.

Ensuring a Secure Camera Mount

Securing a surveillance camera properly, from everyday use to withstanding a hurricane, is important. There are different types of surfaces on the exterior of a residence or business, like wood or concrete. To survive a hurricane, a security camera must be mounted with professional care, as found when working with a CCTV installer. A professional mount and installation will ease the mind of home and business owners as the camera equipment or alarm systems will be secure in the face of storm winds and heavy rain.

Maintaining the video surveillance system can extend the lifespan of your system, saving you money in the long run. P&O Global Technologies provides maintenance packages that include cleaning the camera lenses for optimal viewing, testing and checking the connectors for signs of corrosion and adjusting the views of the cameras which can shift over time due to weather and strong winds.

P&O Global Technologies has 20+ years of experience working with CCTV systems in Florida. That’s why we recommend getting your Security Camera System installed by a professional. When a storm hits, you want your investment to stay safe. If you need further assistance, please contact us at or 954-616-0600.

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