Top Five Benefits of Security Cameras in Schools

Schools are a place where we expect students to be safe and protected. The same should be said for a school’s management and staff. By installing security or CCTV cameras in an educational environment, these expectations can be met while maintaining valuable peace of mind for all. South Florida-based P&O Global Technologies shares the top five benefits of security cameras in schools.

According to the National Center of Education Statistics, the 2017–18 school year saw 83 percent of schools reporting the use of security cameras. And in 2019, about 86 percent of students ages 12–18 reported observing one or more security cameras to monitor their school.

While the introduction of surveillance cameras where children are can raise concerns, schools with CCTV systems and safety protocols have benefits that simply outweigh these considerations.

  1. Security cameras deter crime. If 86 percent of students observed security cameras, the odds are great that an intruder will not only see an alarm system in place but are less likely to act or do any harm.
  2. CCTV cameras monitor points of entry. By keeping a close and watchful eye on any visitors entering or leaving school property, security cameras provide a digital and visual record of this activity.
  3. A security company helps enforce school rules. A third party can be useful in maintaining a neutral position regarding rules, standards, and codes of conduct. Surveillance cameras can also be a very important tool when meeting with parents about the behavior of their children in class.
  4. Footage aids investigations. A CCTV system can be the backup needed in an investigation if anything goes wrong in school or on school property. A recording of fights, vandalism, theft, or bullying is an advantageous tool.
  5. Give parents peace of mind. Knowing when or if suspicious activities are happening in real-time improves emergency responses while also assuring parents the school values everyone’s safety.

Making sure a CCTV installer places security cameras in the right location at your school can be just as important as installing them in the first place. Ideally, security cameras need to be designated to locations that promote good safety protocols while respecting the privacy of students and teachers. P&O Global Technologies can help you with all your school security needs that can take your school to new levels of safety. Contact us today to find out more about how to best protect your campus by calling 954-616-0600 or emailing

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