High Speed Pan Tilt Camera.


  • compact structure, aggregated with pan& tilt, switch controller, shield and integrated camera
  • Variable high resolution camera for selection
  • RS-485 feed back the pan& tilt
  • Pan& tilt orientation display, camera zoom display, inside dome temperature display
  • Built-in function menu, the camera, pan& tilt function can be set
  • 128 preset positions with precision error less than 0.10
  • Alterable auto tour speed can be set to 10-400/sec
  • Preset target speed: 1500/sec for pan, 100 0 /sec for tilt
  • Manual control speed:pan speed: 0.10 ~1000 /sec, tilt speed: 0.10 ~400 /sec
  • 3600 continuous pan rotation,auto flip function for tilt rotation
  • Change speed proportionally–Pan/tilt speed and the depth of zoom lens decline proportionally
  • 8 preset tour functions, dwell time can be set
  • Powering on self-restoring style users can assign the movement after powering on.
  • Quick and convenient electric connection,
  • Embed in surge and lightning protector.
  • Meeting IP66 、CE、FCC standards
  • Two mounting style: Wall Mounting and Pedestal Mounting
  • Support Pelco P/D protocol
  • Integrated with 7 pieces of 1W (850nm)IR Lens and 6 pieces of Φ8(850nm) new model visible LED Chip. Making the efficiency of light conversion higher by two kinds of different IR Lens, and the effective distance of transmission is over 100 meters. The element adopts high capacitance of cooling technology to enhance the efficiency of light conversion more than 15%, and prolong the life-span at the same time.
  • The circuitry adopts constant flows to ensure the IR lens tube is working in constant flows at any time. Effectively avoid elevated temperature, lighting tubes minus temperature characteristic and vicious circle of electrical current.
  • These measures offer sufficient guarantee for IR lighting tubes reliability and duration.
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