Security Camera News

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After a series of burglaries in Perry Hilltop, one homeowner installed a security camera — and captured footage of a man breaking into his home yesterday. After Sam Sero’s neighbor came over to tell him about a break-in at his own home, Barb Sero went out the next day and purchased security […]
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The use of Security Cameras can drastically and positively affect a restaurant’s bottom line. By Maurizio Pejoves.  Growing a restaurant requires many things, including perseverance, a great staff, capital―and security cameras. In today’s world, visually keeping track of virtually everything that happens in a restaurant is critical. Doing this with security cameras makes it all the […]
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CCTV art
Every 15 seconds there’s a robbery in the United States. This took many companies and homeowners to safeguard its own properties and hire Security Cameras Systems like CCTV. Take a look at what these amazing artists created with Security Camera Systems. Fascinating art pieces located in unconventional ways and places.  Even Instagram users use Security Cameras […]
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