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P&O Global Technologies is a leader in CCTV surveillance camera systems installation, using the latest in CCTV, with more then 20 years on the market providing excellent service to our customers. We can fit any budget and create a perfect custom package to fulfill your security camera needs to protect your business or home.

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Our Services


CCTV & Security Cameras System

Protect your property or business with P&O Global Technologies CCTV video surveillance security camera solutions.


Intelligent Security System

P&O Global Technologies uses the latest Facial Recognition Software and License Plate Recognition Software from a video stream


IT Services

P&O Global Technologies has a focused offering of IT services designed to help you maximize the value of your IT investments now and for the future.


Network & Server Admin

P&O Global Technologies provides LAN Solutions that are an excellent professional addition to any kind of workplace.

Profesional Installation

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Why Install Security Cameras?

Watch 24 hrs

Keep your peace of mind by staying connected to your CCTV thru any device.

Save information

Watch your history and all your videos again with Surveillance Cameras.

Loss Prevention

Easy and effective way to thwart theft and crime with evidence.


Small Businesses and Homes can easily set up a CCTV surveillance system.


“They are very reliable, always there when I need them, thank you for all your help!”

Jorge Navarro – Pizzeria Owner

“Amazing job, highly recommend them, exceptional customer service.”

Hamilton de Souza – Business Owner

“P&O Global Technologies is  the perfect tool for us, fantastic 
and an absolute pleasure to work with them.”

Jose Bao – Business Owner

Why Choose Us?

We create simple smart solutions

Our goal: To simplify your life by supporting the ever-changing needs of your business or home with the latest CCTV surveillance technology.

As a leader in surveillance camera systems, P&O Global Technologies, Inc. uses the latest in technology to provide an excellent service with more then 20 years on the market. We can create a perfect custom package to fulfill your security camera needs to protect your business or home.

Not clients,

but friends.


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