How to Make Your Hotel Guests Feel Safe with a Camera System and What Important Factors to Consider

Surveillance should be a top priority for every hotel and hospitality service.  Ensuring guests’ safety – and that of the staff – is crucial, and making them feel safe goes a long way in giving a top-notch customer service experience. It also helps protect against any potential liability conflicts that may arise with guests on the property. South Florida-based P&O Global Technologies shares the top three things to keep in mind in order to make your guests feel safe, giving guests the peace of mind they deserve.

Location of Security Cameras

When installing a CCTV system in your hotel, it’s important to choose the best locations for video surveillance cameras. Entry and exit doors should be a top priority when choosing areas to install cameras. The presence of security cameras in hotel parking lots, hallways and entrances also gives a sense of security to the guest. When you’re installing security cameras, make sure you’re including coverage of all the important locations without making your visitors feel uncomfortable. Having cameras at these important locations ultimately helps oversee delivery activity, monitors incoming visitors, deters crime and prevents vandalism.

Storage For Your Security Camera Footage

Your hotel’s surveillance storage requirements will depend on the type of security camera system you have, as well as how much footage you intend to archive. A security camera system provides an easy and effective way to prevent theft and crime with evidence. Video surveillance can be useful when guest injuries occur or if an employee was hurt while on the job. This can help save a property money each year by protecting it from unnecessary lawsuits. If you’re unsure of how much storage you need, our expert team at P&O Global Technologies can be a valuable resource.

Maintaining & Updating Video Surveillance

Technology continually evolves, which makes it challenging to keep your CCTV system current. Scheduling routine maintenance to the property’s video surveillance is extremely important. Newer cameras capture images with high-definition lenses, preventing possible criminals from getting away with break-ins or vandalism due to poor video quality. P&O Global Technologies recommends upgrading your security system every 3-5 years and can guide you with the latest technology available. It’s important not to wait until your system is already dated and/or malfunctioning.

Along with providing security, a professional surveillance system puts your guest’s mind at ease and will make your hotel the chosen accommodation over your competitors. Whether you’re a boutique hotel with one location or a resort chain with multiple locations, P&O Global Technologies can help you protect your establishment and develop new technologies that can take your property to new levels of safety. Contact us today to find out more about how to best protect your hotel or business by calling 954-616-0600 or emailing

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