License Plate Recognition

Important for security

Automated parking systems with video surveillance have become increasingly common to maximize security and efficiency. As license plates serve as unique IDs for each vehicle, it’s important to recognize it’s importance in spaces such as public garages, gas stations, hotels, supermarkets, and so on. This way, all the vehicles in the monitored area can be recognized and protected without any change inside the vehicles.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System can be used to recognize the license plate of vehicles and capture images. The captured license plate images and video can be stored or uploaded to NVR/Server for further analysis and query.

Compared to other ANPR systems, the Hikvision ANPR system has the following advantages:

  • An embedded ANPR algorithm designed in the cameras;
  • Accurate capture and accurate recognition;
  • Bullet cameras with built-in infrared lights, adaptive to even low light environments;
  • Simple construction for easy installation in public areas;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Convenient system expansion and renovation via network configuration and new cameras.


  • Based on a deep-learning algorithm
  • ANPR, 2MP, 1080P@25fps, 0.002lux Ultra-low Starlight 
  • Video & I/O trigger
  • Local database s stores up to 100 thousand license items of blacklist and whitelist (TF card)
  • Voice announcement and text output
  • Relay output for barrier gate control
  • Online & offline working mode
  • White light ( DS-TCG227-A), Infrared light(DS-TCG227-AIR)
  • Motorized zoom lens (3.1mm-9mm)
  • IP67
  • Open SDK & ISAPI for 3rd VMS Integration

Main Uses

This image analytics module video management provides license plate recognition and comparative analysis for all types of vehicles.

Works in the wide range of internal/external conditions and is easily integrated into legacy security equipment & external databases, helps identify & access control of vehicles and fleet management.



  • Detection of a car in a video stream with an automated choice of the best frame for optimum size and clarity of license plates
  • Synchronized database that allows a search for all images, video, and information of time, date, location and direction of vehicles passing
  • Capable of effective recognition at speeds of up to 90 mph (150 km/h)
  • Fast adaptation for work with new standards of license plates


Automation of Parking Installations

  • A solution for parking areas that ensure vehicle safety, as well as increases speed and quality of service while reducing unauthorized access, fraud and theft
  • Automatically registers and archives information in a database with video, image, date, time, and plate number
  • Simplified information search in a database on the plate numbers, date and time of parking
  • Integration with barriers, automatic gate, and parking management systems