License Plate Recognition

This image analytics module video management provides license plate recognition and comparative analysis for all types of vehicles.

Works in the wide range of internal/external conditions and is easily integrated into legacy security equipment & external databases, indetification & access control of vehicles and fleet management.


  • Detection of a car in a video stream with automated choice of the best frame for optimum size and clearness of license plate
  • Database synchronizes and allows search for alla images, video and onformation of time, date, location and direction of vehicle pass
  • Capable of effective recognition at speeds of up to 90 mph (150 km/h)
  • Fast adaptation for work with new standards of license plates


Automation of Parking Installations

  • Solution for parking areas, providing vehicule safety, increase of speed and quality of service and reduction of unauthorized access, fraud and theft
  • Automatic registration and archival in database of video image, date, time, plate number
  • Simplified information search in database on the pate numbers, date and time of parking
  • Integration with barriers, automatic gate and parking management systems