Making Smart Choices about Security

10 tips to help you guard against a potential cyber attack.

Cybersecurity is the backbone of a safe house. Making smart choices will help you protect effectively the valuable assets you are already guarding with physical Security Camera System. Take a look at these 10 tips to help guard against a potential cyber attack.pogt-security cameras

1. Updates: keep your software and firmware updated.

2. Use Complex Passwords: minimum 8 characters long and a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

3. Responsibilities: Each user should only be given the authority to access their specific responsibilities. 

4. Record: Every action should be done logged in, so that there is a record kept for later use. 

5. Protect your Network: Use a firewall. There are ease to install and they even come pre-installed in most routers.

6. Use uncommon ports: “security through obscurity.” This creates an additional step when someone is trying to access your appliances.

7. Secure your installation: Keep your network and IT assets with limited access. Make sure they are protected from unwanted access. 

8. Invalid Login: Use password lock-out features for invalid login attempts. And if possible, receive notifications of these attempts.

9. Plan ahead: Decide who to notify in the case of a breach.

10. Malfunctions: In the case of vulnerability due to a flaw with the manufacturer, notify the manufacturer so that they can test. If an issue is found they can also work to fix it.

Source: Hikvision USA



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