Tecnología de Reconocimiento Facial

Captura de Rostro y Reconocimiento de Rostro


  • Analog and IP cameras supported
  • Detection during high-speed movements
  • All captured faces associated to video
  • Controlled area search & capture
  • Automatic optimal face position, transmission & comparison
  • Multiple camera environment
  • Remote database query, monitoring & storage
  • Integrate access control, biometrics & other devices
  • Instant data search in video archive based on time, date, first and last name
  • Automatic notification (phone, e-mail, SMS)
  • Multiple face captures per server, unlimited number of aggregate face capture detectors within a security network all reporting to one centralized recognition database
  • Automatic localization and registration (capture) of all persons in sight of the video cameras
  • Real-Time face recognition
  • Comparison of faces with images from database
  • Face can be recognized when persons moves, without stopping ion the zone of recognition
  • Recognition even if face characteristics have changed: aging, facial hair, skin color

Asegure sus Bienes

  • Access permissions, restrictions and rights & privileges of persons in protected areas
  • Formation of a database of personnel and visitors with tagged data such as date and time, location and association of such with a facial image
  • Advanced event/response management including time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds and alarm capabilities
  • Automatic registration of all people passing through a controlled zone
  • Identification from a “watch list” for prevention of access to secure areas