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    1. How to see the Cameras using Windows Internet Explorer browser for the first time.
    2. Uninstall Internet Explorer 9.
    3. GeoVision:  Live Viewing Using Remote Applications.
    4. GeoVision:  Playing Back Video Files.
    5. GeoVision:  Backing Up Files.
    6. What’s my IP Address.
    7. NVMS7000: How to download and setup on your cellphone for platinum DVR.
    8. NVMS7000: How to use the features for platinum DVR.
    9. How to record, search, playback and backup.
    10. How to add an app? How to view your Security Cameras from a Mobile app.
    11. Hikvision: How to Playback.
    12. Hikvision: How to Download.
    13. View Your cameras from the browser in Windows.
    14. View your cameras from the browser in Mac.
    15. SuperlivePro: View your cameras from the browser in Windows.
    16. SuperlivePro: View your cameras from the browser in Mac.
    17. SuperlivePro: How to Backup.
    18. SuperlivePro: View your cameras from your cellphone.
    19. TV: Watch your Security Cameras on your TV.
    20. Supercar DVR User Manual.
    21. Install a PlugIn in Mac.

Adjust your DVR clock to Daylight Savings:

  • PRESS: MENU>Admin>Password.
  • PRESS: Time/Date hit Enter.
  • ADJUST: Clock>Date/Time.
  • SAVE.

Examples of previous Work:

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