Smart Home Technology can incorporate Facial Recognition

July 15, 2017.

Miami Herald.



As prices of smart technology come down, more sophisticated features become more common. Systems that provide facial recognition, something that was not so long ago reserved mostly for commercial properties, is now being used in residential buildings, said Maurizio Pejoves, director at P&O Global Technologies. “It’s like any other security camera that captures images, but this software can match a face with someone already in the database,” he said. “People are looking for automatic control.” A facial recognition camera can let residents as well as employees in and out, and also record employees’ attendance and times of entry and exit. The systems can also automatically lock and unlock the doors to residents’ units, and elevators equipped with the cameras will automatically take them to the floors where they live without any button-pushing. Cameras with license plate recognition will automatically let residents in and out of gates. A unit owner can also let a person recognized by the system in and out for activities like deliveries, cleaning or repairs, or send a text or talk with an individual from a mobile device anywhere in the world. The cost of a single camera is about $1,000, Pejoves said. But condominiums may prefer to have several cameras in different areas like lobbies, pools, and gyms.

Source: Miami Herald

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