Installing Surveillance Cameras in a Restaurant: 3 Reasons to Protect Your Entryways and Exits

Now more than ever, it’s important to have security cameras at your restaurant’s entryways and exits. As restaurant delivery services continue to become more in demand, and monitoring who is coming in and out of the building is critical, having the proper surveillance system installed that is right for your business is of the utmost importance.

Before you install CCTV or surveillance cameras at your restaurant, you need to determine the best locations for them. A security camera should be installed at all entrance and exit doors to record every customer, employee, and delivery person coming in or out of your restaurant. Entryways and exits are the highest traffic areas of a restaurant. When an incident occurs, these are the locations where individuals are most likely to be identified.

At South Florida-based P&O Global Technologies, Inc., we offer more than 20 years of experience in the security industry. Our security system installation experts share the top 3 reasons why it’s important to protect restaurant entryways and exits:

  1. Overseeing deliveries. One benefit of having cameras is seeing exactly who comes in and leaves the restaurant, as well as the date and time he entered and left. With a camera in place, if you have a complaint from a delivery recipient, it’s easy to track down the exact date and time when the order was picked up. You can then contact the courier service to file a dispute against that delivery driver.
  2. Measure customer patterns and control theft. A security camera can not only help deter crime, but can also assist you in determining the number of people waiting during peak times. With this information, you can schedule your staff accordingly. Plus, when there is no surveillance, customers can walk out the door of your dining establishment without paying the bill. These issues can all be put to a stop with a discreet security camera system in place.
  3. Monitor employees and keep them safe. Surveillance cameras can focus on not only a person’s face, but also her actions, to help you identify and deter employee theft. Cameras also increase your employees’ and customers’ confidence that you are providing them with a safe working and dining environment.

Whether you run a small diner, fast food drive-thru, or a large restaurant with many takeout orders, a security camera system is necessary for the safety and success of your business. P&O Global Technologies has solutions for your safety and security needs. Contact us today to find out more about how to best protect your establishment. Call 954-616-0600 or email

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