Police say security cameras were critical in catching burglar

Myrtle Beach Police said surveillance video was a critical component in helping them identify what they say could be the first of many suspects involved in the Grand Dunes burglaries over the course of the last month.

“It definitely helped us identify the characteristics of the suspect which lead to us being able to identify him,” said Myrtle Beach Police spokesman, Corporal Tom Vest.

Security installation experts say new security camera technology is changing the game when it comes to protecting homes.

“The picture quality from five years ago to today is night and day difference. I mean, the cameras that we have available now are up to 4k, like the new fancy TVs,” said Richard Zajac, owner of Premier Sound, Satellite, and Radio.

Surveillance cameras these days are equipped with new features like advanced audio settings, which can record conversations between a group of intruders.

“It makes a world of difference. I mean, clearly, if someone were to break into your home, the alarm goes off and calls the police. With the cameras, once you have the person, maybe not inside of your home, it’s already got them on film,” said Zajac.

It’s an investment security experts say you should make now rather than later.

“They could be as inexpensive as a thousand dollars for four cameras and a recorder for a decent either two megapixel or even a 4-megapixel analog type system,” said Zajac.

He says an uptick in crime over the last few years in Myrtle Beach has been keeping him and his team working non-stop to keep people’s homes and businesses safe.

“We’re constantly going out and giving estimates for cameras way more now than we did ever in the past,” said Zajac.

Two of the victims who live in the Grand Dunes community spoke in court Monday, and say they’re glad the judge denied Adams’ bond.

Adams is due back in court on Oct. 5.

Source: WPDE ABC News




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