Gang aborts burglary after seeing CCTV cameras

A gang of burglars, among them a woman, tried to break into a house in Jayanagar last Friday but aborted the mission after seeing CCTV cameras. The act was caught on CCTV cameras.  In a complaint to the Jayanagar police, Muralikrishna, who owns a silk textile store, said the well-dressed gang members tried to smash the door lock and break into his house in Jayanagar 5th Block around 3.30 pm on June 22 when he was out of town. 

The footage shows the woman arriving in a sedan, wearing sunglasses and her head covered with a scarf. She walks into the compound, presses the calling bell and peeps through the window to ensure there is no one in the house. She sits on a bench talking on the phone while her accomplices wearing caps and hand gloves enter the compound and reach the door trying to break it open. But they all flee on seeing the cameras. 

Source: Deccan Herald.




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