Surveillance shows drone flying outside woman’s window at night.

BRENTWOOD, Mo. –“It’s a disgusting invasion of privacy.”

An airborne was intruder hovering outside her home late at night. Its lens pointed towards her bedroom.

“The drone flies quite close to my camera.”

It is what a Brentwood woman told News 4 she saw on her newly-installed surveillance equipment earlier this week.

“I’m really glad I know this was happening, instead of being inside and not knowing somebody was looking in.”

The device she’s using to monitor her backyard is called “Wyse Cam” and for less than $30, she can tap into a live feed anywhere, anytime on her phone or tablet.

“It’s not going unnoticed and we want him to stop.”

So she wrote a letter and went door-to-door, telling everyone on her block to be aware: An unwanted presence could be peeping through their windows.

“Nobody knew what was happening, I’m making sure that we prevent this from happening again.”

Brentwood police are investigating the incident, but officers are not certain if any laws were actually broken.

According to Federal Aviation Administration rules, recreational drones must be registered and are only allowed in the air during daylight hours.

Yet, whoever was stealthily stalking the woman’s Bedford Drive home was doing so in the dark of night at 4 a.m.

The woman told News 4 she plans on filing a complaint with the FAA.

Although there aren’t any state laws in Missouri regarding drone use, Illinois has several regulations to protect your privacy.

There are some Missouri cities that have enacted their own restrictions, including Chesterfield, St. Charles and St. Peters.

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