Porch Pirates: what to do if your package is stolen from your front door?

The beauty of modern age is to be able to buy everything online. Not only exclusive things that you couldn’t find anywhere else but also basic daily stuff you need and you don’t have time to go shopping; like soap.

But not everything is rainbows, unicorns, and rays of sunshine. One unfortunate side-effect is package theft, and they don’t care if it’s a new PlayStation or that fresh cucumber soap, they steal everything. A pile of boxes left alone on your front porch are an easy target for Porch Pirates. They even make this activity a full-time job following behind delivery trucks!

With more and more sales, discounts, apps, and opportunities, people are buying even more online, so this issue has become a serious problem. According to a recent Comcast Xfinity Home survey, “three in ten Americans who live in houses or townhomes have been victims of package theft.  And 53 percent of Americans know someone who has had a package stolen from outside their home.”

So with this scary numbers, what can you do?

1) Tracking Information.

First, check the obvious step and see where your package is located. It might say “delivered”, but sometimes it will provide more information – for example, “delivered to back porch”.  Look for it everywhere.

2) A neighbor might have it.

Sometimes packages get delivered to another address, it happens more than you think. Look around or just wait a few hours to see if a neighbor brings it back to you.

3)  Contact the seller.

They might have more information than you and help you create a claim and if it’s lost they can issue a refund.

4) Contact the Carrier.

Again, they might have more information than what you see online and specify you if it was effectively delivered or not, when and where. 

5) Better be safe than sorry: Install a Security Camera.

Prevent future robberies by installing real security cameras. Thiefs are experts and they know which cameras are real and which ones are not (they have the same access to amazon.com than you!). And don’t bother with the cameras with battery-powered red LED lights, because real ones don’t actually blink.

You can also get a sticker that warns: “24-hour surveillance.”

There are many security cameras on the market like Ring Video Doorbell but they can blend with your front door. These cameras aren’t much of a deterrent if criminals don’t know they’re there.

A great security camera you can ask a professional to install is the IPC2420F-IW 2MP IR Cube Camera. It has Intrusion detection, Defocus detection, Motion detection, Face detection, line crossing detection,
Dynamic analysis, Tampering Alarm, Network disconnect, IP address conflict Storage exception and more!


The footage taken with a security camera could provide the evidence of the theft so you can report it to the police. You can even post their picture in your neighborhood social site and alert your neighbors of them.

6) Amazon Locker.

This is a great option if you want a very important/expensive item. At checkout choose your closest Amazon Locker and once your package is delivered, you’ll receive an e-mail notification. 

The only downside is that it’s only available for a certain size, so those beautiful chairs are not going to fit.


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