Why High-Rise Buildings & Apartment Complexes Need Security Cameras

As an owner/property manager of a high-rise condominium or apartment building, it’s important for you to install a reliable security/surveillance system. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments are 85% more likely to be burglarized than single-family homes.

Crime and vandalism is increasing, and video surveillance technology can prevent crime before it even happens. It has been proven that when burglars or vandals see that an apartment building, condo complex or high-rise has video cameras, they choose to target other places.

Some factors that burglars look for when choosing a building to pursue are multiple access points and easy accessibility. Strategically-placed cameras at these areas can make burglars head the other way.

Some facts to consider when purchasing a security system:

  • Burglars will most commonly attack during the day.
  • According to ApartmentSearch.com, burglars look for empty apartments with easy access, a lot of cover, and optimal escape routes.

Having a video surveillance system in place will also help you stand out from competing complexes that don’t invest in security systems. Potential renters and tenants want safety and security for their families and belongings.

At P&O Global Technologies, we offer a wide variety of security camera systems to fit a range of needs and budgets. For example, some have alarms, some can contact you when activity is detected, others have two-way audio, and more. To learn more about how a video surveillance system can benefit you and your renters/tenants, visit www.pogt.net/building-security-camera-installer.

P&O Global Technologies is a professional company with more than 20 years of experience.

Installations are affordable, reliable and upgradable. Contact us today to find out more about our video surveillance systems by calling 954-616-0600 or emailing info@pogt.net.

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