Which areas of your Home are Most Vulnerable and need a Security Camera?

There are certain areas of a home that thieves commonly target to break in, due to easy and quick access, obscurity, and more. These are areas where security cameras are needed the most. So, where is a home most vulnerable to break-ins? Experts from P&O Global Technologies offer insight below:

  • Front door ― Believe it or not, many thieves enter a house right through the front door. Features such as large trees, plants, shrubs and decorative additions near the front door provide great hiding places.
  • Windows ― Homeowners may inadvertently leave windows locked or even open. In general, windows allow burglars to see what is inside the home, and are easily breakable.
  • Garage ― Many thieves enter a home through an open garage. Even when it’s closed, a garage door is simple to open with a crowbar.
  • Side yards/backyards ― These areas of the home are hidden, and burglars can typically enter without any commotion.
  • Sliding glass doors/French doors ― Thieves can pry open some sliding glass doors with a tool as simple as a screwdriver. And while exterior French doors can be aesthetically pleasing, one of their many small panes of glass can quietly easily be broken, and burglars can slide their hand in to release the lock.
  • Attic ― Someone can simply climb a tree and access the attic; therefore gaining access to the rest of the house.

At P&O Global Technologies, we recommend a security camera for every corner of the home. However, the wider the lens, the fewer cameras are needed. Plus, it’s not necessary to hide cameras ― it’s important for customers to show they have cameras because the basics of crime prevention are that the bad guys don’t want to be seen or heard.
The height of the cameras is also important. They should be a few feet higher than a person’s normal arm length.
Knowing where and how to install security cameras is crucial to protect your family, business and property. At P&O Global Technologies, we have the insight about the proper locations to install security cameras, and the expertise to ensure they are installed properly. Contact us today to find out more about security cameras by calling 954-616-0600 or emailing info@pogt.net.



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