Is Your Restaurant Equipped with the Latest Technology?

With more than 20 years in the security industry, South Florida-based P&O Global Technologies, Inc has a team of security system installation experts who know that for those who run restaurants, there are particular advantages to be considered when using the most up-to-date technology. Between safety, loss prevention, and facial recognition, P&O shares the benefits and usage of security systems in the restaurant industry.


Safety & Security

Surveillance equipment is a great investment for restaurant owners. Nothing turns off criminals faster than a camera looking right at them. By showing that your business is invested in securing your properties, you will make them think twice about choosing your restaurant as a prospective target.

By installing an indoor/outdoor security camera system at your restaurant, you can protect your employees and customers, eliminate theft, and possibly discourage crime. But, more importantly, you can increase your customers’ confidence that you are providing them with a safe dining atmosphere, and ensure your restaurant’s longevity and reputation.


Loss Prevention

A security camera system is a good way to determine how and where you are losing profit between employee errors, incompetence or even theft.

Did someone dine and dash? If cameras are installed at strategic parts of the dining area and a nearby monitor is constantly observed, then such a maneuver is very difficult to complete successfully. With proper security systems in place, an employee can step in and politely ask if the patrons have forgotten something ― their bill!

Whereas previously, mainly banks and big corporations used security cameras to have evidence for legal purposes, some of the largest restaurant chains and high-end restaurants now use security camera footage as evidence in court and to fight lawsuits. At the end of the day, the cameras help minimize risk and save money in litigations.
Anyone with an installed security system has the responsibility to disclose any relevant footage from his/her security cameras that might help law enforcement apprehend criminals. However, the value of that footage can be jeopardized if not obtained, handled, and presented correctly. P&O’s new innovative products use upgraded technology systems that can save the videos for up to a year.


Facial Recognition

Recently, facial recognition is being used on smartphones like the iPhone X, and more are sure to follow. But is facial recognition the future of restaurants and fast food chains as well? Thanks to the variety of social media platforms, apps, and new equipment, patrons are becoming more open to technology-driven ordering when eating out.

Restaurants are using facial recognition technology that enables their customers to order and pay using an electronic device in the restaurant. A recent Sun Sentinel article shared how facial recognition technology is speeding up fast food service by remembering guests’ previous order, saving their payment information, and even predicting or suggesting what they want to eat!

Whether you’re a local restaurant with one location, or a chain restaurant operation with multiple locations, P&O Global Technologies, Inc can help you protect your establishment and develop new technologies that can take your restaurant to new levels of not only safety but profitability. Contact us today to find out more about how to best protect your restaurant, get maximum storage capabilities and more by calling 954-616-0600 or emailing





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