Prevent an accident, check your batteries.

Today’s technology is powered by lithium-ion (or Li-ion) batteries, and if not treated carefully it can be very dangerous. An electrical short-circuit, a fall, bump, crash or incorrect installation can trigger a battery to burst into flames. So it’s very important to check that your batteries are functioning correctly. 

Follow the next steps to make sure they are:

  • Avoid storing your battery at high temperatures.

Don’t leave any electronic device in a hot car. Also, don’t use your computer on top of a soft blanket which will prevent air circulation. 

  • Charge your battery properly.

Unplug as soon your battery reaches full charge and recharged before being completely drained, don’t let your battery die and then charge because it will shorten its life.

  • Check your batteries regularly.

Pay attention to battery alarms, they will let you know when is time to change a battery before it can become dangerous. 

  • Charge at a moderate temperature.
  • Don’t use a charger other than what is intended for your battery.
  • Don’t let your battery heat up.

As soon as you notice that your charger or your battery becomes unusually warm, discontinue the charging process and place it in a cool environment.




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